Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Toyota Kijang Innova

2012 Grand New Toyota Kijang Innova for Indonesia Market. Finally the new face of the fifth generation Toyota Kijang was revealed. Kijang Innova also comes with a number of changes both in exterior and interior which makes it looks fresher now. “This is just the introductory course, its official launch later in the IIMs.” call Johnny Darmawan, Johnny Darmawan, President Director of TAM. Innova newest face did look a little different from previous models. This can be seen on the design front grille, head lamp, bumper and alloy wheels.

Inside the cabin, the new Kijang Innova has completed the latest steering rod, sunglass holder, combination meter and the interior with two tone color. With two-color display that makes the Innova is more elegant and dynamic. “Changes This change is a Big Minor Change we have done.” Kaoru Hosokawa said as Chief Engineer of Toyota’s Product Planning.

The Changes of kijang innova also occur in terms of interior. In the entertainment, car head unit is equipped with 2-Din 6 “Touchscreen. Besides Grand New Kijang Innova also adopt the latest model New steering wheel with Steering Wheel Steering Switch which certainly adds more luxurious interior. Change on the front cover lights, fenders, grille, and bumper, which is quite helpful view. Lamp model is now more modern, and classy. While in the interior, Toyota also put a refresher on the center dash console, audio system, the shape of the instrument, the color of the seat and steering wheel model.

In type V Luxury Kijang Innova, same as before, the middle seat consists of 2 pieces captain seat with a TV screen attached to the ceiling. At least even up the Kijang, you can feel the individuality and MPV-style features on board. The chair of this type makes the practicality of folding is more restricted than standard models, but no problem because the back of the Kijang are still able to carry quite a lot of stuff.

The new model's audio system is not yet integrated with the dashboard. But the fun when we see how the software in the audio system have been made specifically for the Kijang Innova.There is also a menu relating to ownership of Kijang in situ, such as maintenance schedules, info authorized workshops, as well as a telephone hotline. Frequency settings, and for this variant V loudness can also be done via the buttons on the steering wheel.

Under the hood, Grand New Kijang Innova is still equipped with same machines that are 1TR-FE engine capacity of 2000 cc 16-valve tech EURO 2. Meaning that acceleration is still similar to the previous figure that is 14.3 seconds for 0-100 km / hour. Quite slow, but this car is not created for high performance. As for fuel consumption problem, the Grand New Kijang Innova is recorded 10.2 km / liter for the combination route, and 8.5 km / liter in the city. With this engine, the Grand New Kijang Innova is ready to become a new legend in the automotive world of Indonesia.

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