Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mobil Esemka Rajawali ( Mobnas )

Many of us were surprised because it seems Ways Esemka emerge suddenly from unexpected places. But many are not aware that the effort of making this car assembly has been started since 2008 by students and their mentor. But the endorsement of the relevant parties is very low. Evidently an attempt to get fit and proper test of a prototype product has previously been a year stuck in an authorized agency.

New year 2012 begins with an interesting story: that was the birth of "Mobnas" Tip Esemka generated by vocational students in Solo, and attractive has been used as an official car by Solo Mayor Joko Widodo familiarly called Mr. Jokowi.

Car of student work SMK, Esemka scheduled to be mass produced and sold to the public. And because it is a newcomer, then the selling price will be placed Esemka more competitive than his opponents who have been there.

Esemka The plan will be launched in two models namely the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and double cabin called Rajawali named Digdaya. Both will be released at a price that is quite seductive.

"Our prices are competitive, the price for the Eagles will not be up to Rp 180 million and to Digdaya price will not be up to Rp 150 million," said Corporate Secretary PT Autocar Industrial Components (AIK) Oki Sanyoto to detikOto, Friday (14/05/2010).

Especially for Digdaya, more expensive than the previous estimate of under Rp 100 million. AIK itself is a company that helps vocational students to develop their work these two cars. As for his car manufacturers, sales and distribution will be held by PT Esemka Solo Creative Manufacturing.

Oki further explained that the two cars that will soon be officially launched on August 17, 2010 it will carry the next several engine options that also they have developed themselves. "Already many parts of the machine that is capable of vocational students make their own," he said.

Engine options for the Rajawali and Digdaya include petrol engine capacity of 1,800 cc, 2,000 cc and 2,200 cc. "As for the diesel we've got a 2500 cc engine," he concluded.

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